Thank God for His Creation

Four seasons Earth Day activity Do you enjoy spring strolls through fields of wildflowers, lazy summer days by the beach or pool, autumn’s rich colors and smells, winter wonderlands and snow sports? Mountain vistas and wide-open spaces, dense forests and underwater worlds, from the infinitesimal to the infinite, God is the one who made all this possible.

The beauty and majesty of God’s creation is fragile, though, and we must each do our part to preserve it for future generations.

For this exercise, divide a page in fourths, one section for each season. Think about what you are most grateful for about each of them, and write that down. Your overall list will probably be different from anyone else’s and reflect your unique makeup and preferences. That in itself is a testimony to the diversity of God’s design.

Put your list where you will see it throughout the coming months, and take a few moments each time you do to recall your blessings and thank God for them.

Adapted from Activated magazine; used by permission.


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