Five Minute Bible Devotionals

“Five Minute Bible Devotionals” is a six-book series of easy-to-use picture devotional books that connects Bible themes and verses to teach Christian values to little children.

Each spread presents a Bible verse with a little explanation of the verse and how to practically apply the Christian value or moral lesson introduced. Children are encouraged to explore the lesson with a complementary action, discussion question, or activity.

A wonderful Bible-based book sure to win the hearts of children and parents alike. Click on the following links to download.

Valores Morales: Trabajando Juntos – Moral Values: Teamwork

Enseñe a los niños la importancia de trabajando juntos con este librito encantador. Para ver el vídeo musical infantil que acompaña este presentación, haz clic aquí.

Teach children about the importance of working together using this engaging presentation. To watch the children’s music video that goes with this presentation, click here.

Lionel el eslabón

Un cuento infantil que enseña a los niños la importancia de diligencia con las cosas pequeñas.

A cute story that helps children to understand the importance of diligence, even in small matters. Click here to read the original version of this children’s story in English.

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