The Answer Man

boy using internetIf you use the Internet, you know what a quick and easy source of information it can be. Instead of trekking to a library to pore over stacks of books and other printed material to locate something, you can find what you need right by simply using an Internet search engine, typing a few keywords, and clicking “search.” Instantly, links to a multitude of websites related to whatever it is you’re looking for appear on your computer screen. Admittedly it is hit and miss, and you may still need to skim quite a bit of material to find the specifics you’re looking for—like you used to have to do with those stacks of books—but the Internet puts a world of information at your fingertips.

Wouldn’t it be great, though, if instead of merely supplying you with information, the Internet could actually solve your problems, answer your really deep questions, help organize and direct your daily life, and satisfy your emotional and spiritual needs?

GodThe Internet will never be able to do all those things, of course, but God can. Not only that, but God is even quicker and easier to access than the Internet because He included all the needed hardware and software when He created you. You can reach Him anytime, from anywhere, for free, and it’s never a hit-and-miss process. He always knows exactly what you need.

Text courtesy of Activated magazine. Used by permission. Art © TFI.

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