2 thoughts on “Sin Temor – No Fear

  1. Hi.

    Ty so much for the great, beautiful and happy kids stories etc.

    I have been a member of TFI for many years.

    I hope this is not out of place to mention. Maybe I just don’t know how to download properly, but perhaps the title “Free Kids Stories” is not so accurate. Maybe leave out the ‘free’ part, if they need to be subscribed for, as when I attempt to download and print there is a subscription that needs to be filled in, and thus, not free.

    I am not so computer savvy so perhaps when these emails arrive in my inbox I am doing something incorrectly.

    These stories are fantastic and certainly money could not pay for them and having a subscription I am sure makes it possible to keep these lovely works coming.

    Just to be authentic, if they are not really ‘free’, maybe just change that word to something more accurate.

    Inspirational, loving, happy, fun, kind, wonderful, beautiful, sweet, charming, kind, gentle, warm, embracing… are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe them.

    Much love, and keep up the greaaaaaaaaaaaaat work.



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