Early Bird Readers 9 & 10

Teach preschoolers to read using this simple, colorfully illustrated reading series. “Early Bird Readers” by Aurora Productions teaches children how to read more than 100 basic vocabulary words and is also ideal for young children who are learning to read English as a second language.

To watch the audio books on YouTube, click on the following links:

Early Bird Reader 9: At the Park 

Early Bird Reader 10: So Many Things to Learn

Following is a list of words for each book in English and Spanish. Scroll down to read or download the readers.

Book 9

let’s – vamos

park – parque

about – acerca

dog – perro

see – ver/ven

run – correr/corren

fast – rápido

am – soy/estoy

Do – hacer

was – estaba

Tommy’s – de Tommy

Meg’s – de Meg

plays – juegan

at – en

Book 10

learn – aprender/aprenden

want  – querer/quieren

green – verde

no/not – no

or – o

wants – quiere

blue – azul

top – camisa/encima

on – en

lines – líneas

help/helps – ayuda

line  – línea

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