Posted by: Free Children's Stories | September 13, 2014

Who Cares?

Looking for a friend who cares? Having problems and wondering who can help you out a little? What if I told you that today you could meet someone who’s a whole lot of fun to be with, who knows everything there is to know, and who happens to think that you’re terrifi c? Jesus is that friend. Check out some of the things He has to say about all kinds of stuff like making friends, being attractive, growing up—-and not least of all, how to be happy!

This book is primarily for teens, but older children (ages 9 – 11 years) are sure to enjoy and benefit from much of it as well. Click here to read this ebook in Spanish.



  1. […] Este libro es principalmente para los adolescentes. Sin embargo, muchos niños mayores (entre 9 y 11 años) también disfrutarán de una gran parte de este libro cómico. Para leer este ebook en Ingles, haz clic aquí. […]

  2. Buen día! Este es mi primer comentario aquí así que sólo quería dar un grito rápida y decir que ciertamente disfruto de leer sus artículos.
    ¿Me puede recomendar algún blogs, sitios, foros que traten sobre
    los mismos temas? Muchas gracias!

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