Drink … praise … listen!

Drink+Praise+ListenWords from Jesus

Get yourself a nice big glass of cold water, or some other pleasant refreshment that you enjoy, and as you drink it, praise Me for the wonderful, soothing, refreshing words I can give you. Drink it slowly and imagine My Spirit going into you as you take in the refreshing liquid. Meditate on how I am the water of life, I am what keeps you alive. Then stop for a moment and listen while I give you a sentence or two of My loving‚ refreshing words.

Adapted from My Wonder Studio.


Old Testament flashcards for little children – El Viejo Testamento: flashcards para niños pequeños

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Nuevo libro electronico – Historias de la Biblia: Amabilidad


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Las historias en este libro incluyen:

  • El buen samaritano
  • La parábola de los invitados
  • Jesús lava los pies de los discípulos
  • El juicio final