Posted by: Free Children's Stories | September 15, 2015

Historias Dramatizadas Del Nuevo Testamento – Dramatized Stories From the New Testament

Libro de historias dramatizadas del Nuevo Testamento para los niños. Incluye las siguientes historias:

– Aplacó mi Sed
– La Gran Fe de un Soldado
– La Salvación de un Estafador
– Testigo Ocular

Dramatized stories from the New Testament for children. Includes the following stories:

– Thirsty no more
– A Soldier’s Great Faith
– Salvation for a Swindler
– The Eyewitness

A Soldier’s Great Faith” and “Salvation for a Swindler” are courtesy of My Wonder Studio. Used by permission.



  1. The third of the four stories listed in the English section is shown as “Treasures in Heaven.” It would seem a more appropriate translation to show it as “Salvation for a Swindler.”

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